Christian Education

Pumpkin Painting Party – On Saturday, Oct. 19, a community pumpkin painting party was held.  We had to be inside because of bad weather, but had plenty of room to space out each family at their own table. Everyone had a great time painting, and then doing other Halloween activities, including making snack bags filled with treats.  You can see some of the fancy pumpkins and their artists in the pictures below.   Sheryl Duncan-Wicks and Cheryl Valvano organized the Christian Education sponsored party, assisted by Deb Janes, Donna Crawford and Carol Turkett. Thank you to all for making this happen!

Sunday School – Formal Sunday School classes began on Oct. 3.  We’ve had Sheryl Duncan-Wicks teaching lessons to K-5 graders via zoom.  People can log in at home, and we also log in right at church.  We’ve had youth taking part both at home and in person at church so far.
Our group of older students (grade 6+) have been extremely busy!  They made 65 place card holders for the residents of Westside Commons Senior Living Community to use in their dining room.  (See pictures below)  The youth will make new seasonal cards so that the tables can be appropriately decorated!  Thank you to Donna Crawford and Carol Turkett for helping this group with their project.