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church garage sale

The annual UNION CHURCH GARAGE SALE will be held Saturday, June 11th & 12th
Items may be dropped off at the church starting June 1st. 

No clothing please. If you need entrance to the church please call Sandy Cullen at 293-2006.

Little Library at Union Church
Free books are again available at Union Church on 14 North Main Street in Churchville.  You may find them in the lovely Little Library built by Ron Zorn of Churchville for our use.  His work is excellent in design and carpentry.  We are so blessed to have this new addition to serve our community by providing books for adults and children.  Of course, you may also leave books if you would like to share in this effort.  Do visit our Little Library as often as you wish and let others know of this gift to our community.Ron Zornthumbnail


outdoor worship

Update: The May outdoor worship service will be held on Sunday May 23rd.  The theme will be “Family Style” – an intergenerational service.  Watch for more details to follow!

Dear Union Church Family,
Union Church will continue indoor services each Sunday following the UCC-NYS Conference COVID-19 guidelines.  There will be limited seating as we will be socially  distanced (6 feet apart). Everyone entering the church must wear facial coverings.  Because of the limited seating we are asking for a response (reservation) by Saturday mornings. (The day before the service) You may email the church (  or call (585-293-1665
Thank you and we hope to see you if possible.
Blessings to each of you, from the deacons.

**If you can’t come in person,  we have started live streaming our worship service on Facebook (Sundays @ 10AM.) Click the below blue link. church Facebook page should come up.  If you can’t watch at that time, the video will be available on the page for viewing after the service.**


Last month we gave out 13 boxes of food to 7 small and 6 large families in the community.   We were able to provide milk, eggs and apples to most of the families. Please continue to bring  in your donations of  jelly, tuna, peanut butter and rice.  (The need is in  that order.) Thank you!
Our next distribution date is May 18th.


For our March scrip order, six families ordered a total of 94 cards which profited Union Church $176.93.  As we begin to enjoy the warmer weather and you start to work outside, remember to get your gift cards for Home Depot and Lowe’s.  The scrip cards also come in very handy at your local pharmacy, the movies, for take-out meals and of course, as gifts.  Our next order will be placed on Sunday, May 16th with order forms coming later.  If you have any questions or concerns please contact Carol Turkett or Maryjane Starr.  Thanks to everyone who supports this profitable program.

Thanks to all who support this program!
Carol & Maryjane

POP TABS – Please keep those tiny tabs coming in!  They may be small but they help families with seriously ill children in the Rochester area thru the Ronald McDonald House Charities. Collection containers are located in the Fellowship room and lower hall.
pull tab-ronald

First Responders Honored at Union Church
For the second year, Union Congregational Church honored the fire fighters and first responders of Churchville by providing a free chicken and biscuit dinner for the men and women who bring protection and safety to our community.

It was an honor well received and well deserved for these unsung heroes.  Forrest, who served with the Churchville firefighters for over 47 years, mentioned that they do not serve for accolades, but because they enjoy doing what they do to serve the community.

Each of them commit to many hours of training before they are certified and many more hours on a weekly basis to be adequately prepared for any emergency they must confront.  They are very familiar with our area and respond quickly to each call to assess the situation and provide the service needed.

Many of the attendees, such as Leon, Rebecca, Steve, Jim and Gary were quick to comment on the delicious food and how appreciative they were of being recognized in this way.  They know that the community values their service but it is good to be acknowledged.

Jamie, whose expertise is in the medical area of firefighting, has served with this group for over nine years.  She has trained extensively and continues to learn from her experiences and enjoys all of her time with this amazing team of men and women.

Leslie, who is fire captain, was so pleased to be acknowledged.  She said it is wonderful to know that people really do care about the service the first responders provide.

They say that when you meet a soldier, you should thank him or her for their service.  We would add to that by saying when you meet a firefighter or first responder don’t hesitate to tell them how you appreciate their sacrifices. contributions and dedication to serving our community.  This was one way we said thank you to each of them.

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First Responders Appreciation Dinner Hosted by the
Union Church “Work Group”

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From the Trustees
Your Trustees have been busy!   We have raised the front access to the church, making it easier for everyone to enter.  We have replaced damaged sidewalk sections and capped and painted the retaining wall.  In the process we repaired serious damage to a foundation beam and made sure it will be protected in the future.  We also caulked and painted the entryway columns and rebuilt and reinstalled the wrought iron railings.  Thanks go to our contractors: LST Construction, Bruce Steele Construction, Bill Wittman and Level Up Painting.  The kitchen has received some attention too.  The work group has updated the lighting fixtures with LED lights and the difference is like night and day, literally.  They also helped pay for a grease trap repair.  And it was time for the kitchen Fire Prevention Suppression System to be replaced and that is being done by Churchville Fire Equipment Company.  These repairs and renovations make it clear to the community that we are alive and well and open for business.  Come join us…

WOW!  Did you see the musical “Life of the Party”?  Kudos to Steve Valvano who pulled it together so beautifully within a week.  It was the culmination of a great week of VBS at Union Church.  Everyone, children and adults — from 3 to 83 — seemed to have a great experience.  From the start of listening to stories, singing songs, learning in the classroom, working at a craft, and of course, enjoying some snacks, to gathering together at the end with a song and prayer, it was a lot of fun and joy. It could not have happened without the cooperation and help by all of you – from teaching to bringing cookies for the reception. Thank you for contributing to the success of this year’s VBS.  We would love to hear your comments and feedback.

UNION CHURCH 2018 PARADE FLOAT – Smile, God Loves You! was the theme of our Parade Float this year.  We’re sure it brought smiles to many along the way.  Again we displayed the miniature church built by Harry Pimm many years ago.  Al Cullen drove the truck and pulled the trailer provided by Andy Fuller and we decorated it with balloons ad balloon fringe.  But the best attraction were the smiles, singing and kazoo playing by old and young sitting on the float and walking alongside with candy and bookmarks for the onlookers.  We hope you did not miss this joyous occasion.  If so, enjoy the pictures taken by several people.  So many thanks to all who helped in all kinds of ways to make this a successful contribution to the community.