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No matter who you are or where you are on life’s journey, you are welcome here. We worship in God’s house and all of God’s children are welcome here. God’s communion table is open, not closed. We advocate justice for all and extend hospitality as a sign of God’s inclusive love.
Our church’s mission is to change lives — individually, systemically and globally and we work to make transformation possible, but trust in God’s grace. Churches must be places of vitality in worship, learning and advocacy. Why?  ♥Because God is still speaking.♥

Sunday Morning Service is at 10:00 AMChild Care Provided – Wheel Chair Accessible

14 North Main Street
Po Box 123
Churchville, NY 14428

Phone Number:
(585) 293-1665

Email: Unionucc@uccchurchville

Call for a special meeting:
The Trustees are calling a special meeting of Union Congregational United Church of Christ of Churchville, New York to be held on Sunday August 7, 2022, immediately following the service of worship at 10:45 a.m., in the sanctuary. The purpose of the meeting will be to obtain approval of expenditure of funds for replacement of the old hot water heaters located in the church basement with a new tankless hot water heater system. Trustees are requesting the expenditure of no more than $5800 to complete the purchase and installation of the unit.
If you are unable to attend, you may request an absentee ballot from the church secretary by calling 293-1665 as soon as possible. The absentee ballot will be mailed to you, or it can be picked up in the church office, during office hours. All ballots must be received at church by Friday, August 5, 2022, by mailing it to the church office (Union Congregational Church PO Box 123, Churchville, NY 14428) or dropping it off during church office hours. We encourage those who feel comfortable attending the meeting in person, to please attend. We need a quorum of 25 people to be able to hold the meeting.

Added information:
The church currently has a 10 gallon and 2 -40-gallon hot water heaters located in the basement. The 40-gallon units are both showing signs of their age and will need to be replaced soon, in some form. There is also an additional incredibly significant issue with the current system. The 40-gallon units are always full of water but are only used for large events such as church dinners. This means that the water sitting stagnant in these units for several months (March to November and November to March) and then this stagnant water is then used. This is an ideal breeding ground for Legionella (Legionnaires Disease). Thanks to the Grace of God no one has gotten sick but if this did occur it could ruin the church. This new system will avoid this substantial risk. It will be the only unit in use for the church and water is not stored in the unit. The unit is large enough to provide all the hot water needs, even during these large events.

The cost to purchase and install the new unit, is surprisingly, not a lot more than replacing the current tanks with the same size tank system. As an example, I found that a 40-gallon unit is approximately $600 and surprisingly a 10-gallon unit cost also costs $600. That would be almost $2000 plus installation costs to have a system like we have, plus we would still have the large health risk of potentially making people sick with the often-fatal illness of Legionnaires Disease.

If approved the unit will be installed prior to any event that will use the 40-gallon units. Installation includes removal of the old units in the basement. The new unit will also be installed where it is more accessible, it will be located in the storage closet located behind the kitchen. It is a smaller wall mounted unit that will be a gas supplied unit. It is impractical to place this unit in the basement. To use an electric unit in either location would require the expensive job of upgrading the electrical service. To install the gas unit in the basement is impossible. Because of the churches strong foundation, it is not possible to run a gas line through the foundation.

Our building has a super strong foundation, just like our congregation. This upgrade will allow our church to continue its mission to serve our greater community to positively change all the lives we touch.

Jean Sweetland

Our Service is now streamed live on Facebook….
“Jean is a long-time member of Union Church.  Although she cannot attend our church services, she does keep connected by way of Facebook”


Outdoor Worship Service
Planned for August. Details coming soon!

Several churches have joined together to provide food for families who need a little extra.  Some of this food is also provided by businesses as well as individuals.  Residents in the Riga area are welcome to come to Union Church, 14 N. Main Street in Churchville, to pick up a box of nutritious food for their families.  Distribution is made every third Tuesday of each month between 4 and 5 pm.  Drive into the church parking lot and follow the signs.  If you know of any in need, please inform them of this program.

Music Director Needed

Dog Therapy Ministry

Jenn & Pinot

Our Dog Therapy Ministry began on September 19, 2021, when Jenn Faro brought Pinot, an adorable black lab, to our Pet Blessing Service to be blessed.  Pinot was blessed by Pastor Brad as she launched her ministry to bring comfort and joy to those who are housebound or are unable to attend services.  Pinot is a Certified Therapy dog and Jenn is a warm and lovely young woman who has bonded with Pinot and wants to share her gentle and kind ways with others. If you need a visit or know of someone who cannot attend services or is experiencing difficulty of any kind, please call the church office and arrangements will be made for Jenn to bring Pinot to you  and introduce you to her for a friendly visit.  No cost is involved but smiles are always welcomed.

Pet Blessing Service Did you miss our Pet Blessing service on September 19th?  What a wonderful time of praise for all of God’s creatures.  It brought smiles and joy to everyone in attendance.  We had 12 dogs that were blessed by Pastor Brad, 17 that were prayed for but were not able to be there,  and 5 that were no longer with us.  Even a stuffed elephant was given prayer that it would bless its young owner.  A highlight of the service was Pinot who was blessed as she begins her Dog Therapy Ministry to those who need comfort and joy.  If you know of someone who wants a visit from Pinot, please contact Maryjane who will direct you to Jen Faro who now begins this ministry. (see pics below)

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