A Message from Pastor Brad

How we look at things makes all the difference. Consider with me the example of local food banks. If we were to write a hard news headline about them, it might read, “Local food shelves serving more families than ever before.” No sensationalism there. The question we have to ask ourselves is, does this represent to us something that is fundamentally good, or inherently bad? 

Certainly, we can find both positive and negative aspects. Intellectually, we understand this. But deep down, we pick a lane, whether we do so intentionally or not. This means that our attitudes about the soaring number of people being served by food banks will be either negative ones searching for positivity to balance them, or positive ones acknowledging the negative surrounding them.    

To those who are struggling to find or hold on to a positive outlook, about this topic or any other, I say this: Hope and gratitude are lighter packs to carry than despair and discontent. Things are difficult enough without heaping on them weights that can easily be discarded. You have a choice about how you relate to what’s happening in your life. You can choose hope and gratitude no matter what you are facing.  If you’re in line at a food bank, look around you. There are so many other people there who are going through the same kinds of things you are. You are not alone. You’re seeing with your own eyes a community that is ready to receive you. You have support. How freakin’ cool is that?!

Also, although the world is a mess right now, all is not lost. Hope remains, and you have tangible proof of that in the form of food stuffs. It proves that people still care and do what they can to change the world around them. Choosing to embrace this thought can put enough fuel in the tank to keep your hope chugging along.

Keeping our spirits up gives us the energy to rise above our circumstances. There is so much to overcome, so much work that needs doing, so much that must change. It will be much, much easier to climb the steep hill of change if we lighten our spiritual loads. Doing this is as easy as choosing gratitude and opening our hearts to the hope that is close at hand.

Pastor Bradley