A Message From Pastor Brad

I’ve been carrying a polished blue stone around in my pocket for a couple of days now. It’s a deep, rich blue with crystalline properties. I picked it out while perusing a store with my kids. A strong suggestion nudged me: “GET A BLUE STONE.” I recognized it as the Spirit when I saw the particular color blue in my mind’s eye. I’ve developed a sensitivity to such nudges, as I make it a practice to discern and heed such guidance. I examined a few varieties of stones and landed on the one whose color most closely matched the vision. After looking through a small bin of this type of stone for a moment, I settled on one.

I did not notice until later that it is nearly heart-shaped, perhaps like a solidly three-dimensional guitar pick. This was not a coincidence. The Spirit spoke clearly to me through this guidance. I know this because the Spirit has used the metaphor of a guitar to symbolize my heart. Spirit said to me, “I will restore this instrument. I will string in and tune it and, one day, I will play a song with it.” This was back before I was fully convinced of God’s love for me. I asked in return, “Why would you go to so much trouble?” Spirit answered, “Because some instruments are priceless.”

In guiding me to pick out the exact stone I carried home, the Spirit reminded me of its presence, its love. Spirit showed me, yet again, that I was right to put my heart in God’s hands for fixing, and that the project is going well.

If you don’t believe you can walk with the Lord like this, think again. I am living proof that it can and does happen.

Pastor Bradley