A Message From Pastor Brad

Here’s a preview of the sermons I’ll be preaching from the revised common lectionary for the month of September:

September 4th: “Terms of peace.” Text: Luke 14:25-33. The message will illustrate the conditions under which we can find peace, both with ourselves and with God.
September 11th: “This fellow welcomes sinners.” Text: Luke 15:1-10. The message will explain how and why God’s attitude toward “sin” differs from the usual religious monologue on the subject.
September 18th: “You cannot serve God and wealth.” Text: Luke 16:1-13. In this message, we will discuss how following Christ means reassessing our relationship to and use of wealth. We will see that living into God’s kingdom entails doing what we can to change negative socioeconomic conditions.
September 25th: “A great chasm has been fixed.” Text: Luke 16:19-31. The message will use the parable of the rich man and Lazarus to describe the class system of the kingdom of God. Hint: it’s very different from the ones used in our societies
I look forward to sharing with you what I hope are fresh and vibrant takes on familiar passages. As always, I welcome all your questions and comments before, during, and after I preach!
In Christ, Pastor Bradley