A Message From Pastor Brad

I introduced and explained this letter during our June 13th Sunday service. See the recording on our Facebook page if you’d like to have the background on it.

Here now, for our summer newsletter, is the text of our letter from Jesus: 

My people, I have longed to come to you for some time now. My Word speaks slowly, though, because I would not spill a drop of it while it is on its way into the soil of your souls. I deliver it to you like milk, left on your doorstep, ready to be taken inside and consumed every day. 

Indeed, I do come to you through the Word that is spoken and received into your hearts. I am in the speaking and in the hearing, enabling both speaker and hearer to communicate and to participate, to take part in my own life among you. In you, I live and I move, and my spirit desires jealously to have you come ever closer and ever deeper into the unsearchable and indescribable beauty of life as I have known it.

To you, this life is something wholly undiscovered. It is, in all senses of the word, new. It is a color you have never before seen, a sound your ear has never had the capacity to hear, an electrical signal the likes of which your brain has never interpreted. It fits nowhere into your experience, can be identified neither as plant nor animal nor mineral, because it is ethereal substance, spirit that also has flesh and blood, a body that can be seen in space and time but does not belong to them. This is the life that I am now living, and it is the life that I desire to bring you into as well.

 A new heaven and a new earth await you, but I inhabit them now. Life eternal beckons you, because I hold out my hands to invite you inside its walls. I have prepared a place for you here, in the kingdom my Father prepared for me from the foundation of the world. Here there is no more death, no dying, no despair at the ending of the beloved, no loss;

because here Spirit forms our eyes out of clay and breathes life into them personally and intimately. We see with Spirit eyes that there is no such thing as death, and there never was. It was a deception, a trap.

Because something or someone ceases to exist on the earth does not mean it ceases to exist. Go and look for me among the hills and the trees, in the crowds of people, or perhaps in a grave somewhere. You will not find me, for I am not there. Rather, I am with all of them at the same time, spreading my presence over them like a blanket, healing them of the curse death placed upon them. Death, you understand, is a human invention. A beating heart is not a life; a blinking eyelid is not what indicates life. Those are human ideas. When the blood in someone’s body ceases to move, their being has not ended, it has merely transitioned to the next place, the next state. To be away from the body, the apostle said, is to be at home with the Lord; and this is indeed the case. 

You cannot locate me, for I have no location, but you know with your hearts and your minds and your spirits that I am among you. You know the presence and the power of my love. It rests upon your shoulders and wraps you up in a hug from heaven. It sits with you in the living room of your heart and holds your hand while you cry, reminding you that healing and life are on their way, just around the corner. 

Because I live, my people, because I am raised and I am free from the body of death, and death no longer has any hold on me, death is defeated forever. Death no longer holds power over you, to bind you into a way of thinking and perceiving the world that enslaves you to grief and insurmountable pain. No, because I live, you have been set free from the power of death. You know now that, because I am in you and my life is at work among you, that you cannot die and you will not cease. Rather, your spirits will be lifted on the wings of eagles and you will soar among the clouds of heaven like a free creature, a bird released from her cage, finally able to fly as fast and as far as she desires. 

I am making you ready, my people, for the day the cage opens. I am creating in you the knowledge of wings immaculate, the perception of what it will be like to fly, though you do not remember it. I will give it to you like a memory in your brain, a wrinkle that shows you that, “yes”, I have flown before — this is part of my experience, I have this and I own this. It is familiar to me, and therefore it is part of me now. ”I will plant in you the seed of the kingdom of heaven, so that the life of heaven comes to live in you. You will walk in its ways and live according to its customs and walk along its streets, though fly is actually the better word for what we do on the streets of heaven. I am teaching you how to fly so that, when the day comes, and the door opens, you will walk through it without fear and without regret. 

All of this is begun in you now. You are in me and I am in you. Therefore, you are a new creation! The old things are passing away, and indeed they have passed away; and behold, all things have become new. Behold, my people, my church, my heart: I am making all things new. These words are trustworthy and true. Know, then, that the good work of new creation is initiated in you though the cage still surrounds you. Know that one day the cage will be no more, but you will go on. Know that neither death nor life nor anything else in all creation can separate you from my love, but rather that my love is built into you now like wood into a wall. There is no knocking it down, no covering it up; it will stand through the ages, throughout eternity itself. 

You are no ordinary people. You are my chosen, my beloved, my strength and my shield. I wield you and brandish you on the earth like the weapons of heaven, because you have been fortified, made into the alloy of new creation — of earth and of heaven, of mortal and immortal stuff, buoyed by love indefatigable, held by enduring love, a type of steel not found anywhere else in all the universe, unbreakable and endowed with the glory of another place. 

That is who you are; that is what you are: my beloved, my people, my heart. I hear you when you groan from inside the cage of mortality, I hear you when you sing the song of life among the shadows of death. I cry with you when you cry; I grieve with you when you grieve. You have never been alone, not for one moment of your lives; even when you felt that you were all alone, that you were so far removed from all others that you were lost beyond recovery, I was there with you, even then. I shall never leave nor forsake you, for you are mine, and I am yours. 

Carry the new creation, the fabric and material of heaven that makes you be who you are, that enables you to inhabit ethereal bodies while yet in mortal clothed. Fling it as far and as wide as you can; carry it on eagles’ wings, your own wings, to the furthest places you can find and further still, to the ones who need it the most. Carry the new creation among you like a banner, flying like a flag for all the world to see; a new nationality, the nation of heaven here and now, ready to invade the earth. You are my emissaries; you are my ambassadors. We come in peace, we come in love, and we will not be turned away. 

The blessing of the Lord be upon you now — grace upon grace, bequeathed to you in my death, lavished upon you in my life. Amen and amen, and thanks be to God, from whom all blessings flow.